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Monday & Wednesday 8 - 10 PM
Saturday 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Our adult classes are open to all ages (13+) and levels, from complete beginners to veterans.

All students will learn forms through kata, and train endurance and basic techniques during footwork and swinging drills.

Students with bogu will continue into the second portion of the class to practice advanced techniques and participate in sparring matches.



Satuday 1:30 - 3:00 PM

Our children's classes are held separately from adult classes every Saturday. Open to any child 5 - 12, children will learn the footwork and swings of kendo, as well as learning basic techniques that will be necessary to advance into the adult's classes.

Although all are welcome, we do ask that your child have the ability to understand basic commands, and accept that verbal discipline will be administered on a regular basis.

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Orlando Kendo Club is a non-profit organization, any dues paid are strictly for the benefit of the club's continued operation. Intial Dues are $160 and includes two months of membership, and a shinai (bamboo sword). Following the first two months, dues are $50 per month.

Unfortunately, membership dues are non-refundable.





Frequently asked questions

Do I Need Previous Experience To Join?

Absolutely not! Classes are adjusted to account for the students present. Classes may be faster paced than you're expecting, but we're always open to questions after class.

What's A Typical Class Like?

Typically, we'll begin class practicing sword forms with kendo kata, before moving on to stretching and warmups. From there, we practice swings and footwork, before moving into basic practice where we will practice hitting different targets using varying techniques. For the last part of class, we move on to advanced techniques and sparring, both of which require the armor to participate.

Do I Need All The Equipment To Start?/How Much Does the Equipment Cost?

You definitely do not need any equipment other than the shinai we will provide to you with initial dues. In fact, until we are confident you will not injure yourself or others during practice, we do not allow new students to wear the armor during practice. As for the price of equipment, the uniform is typically between $50 - 100 and will last about 3 - 5 years, while the armor will cost approximately $400, but will likely last over 10 years, often 20+ years.

Can I Watch/Participate In A Class Before I Join?

We encourage everyone to try out a class before committing to joining. Kendo is a very intense martial art, and may not be what you imagined. If you want to visit, please let us know ahead of time via our contact form so we can inform you of any class cancellations.

When Are Classes Held?

The class schedule is as follows: Monday: 8 - 10 PM Wednesday: 8 - 10 PM Saturday: 1:30 - 3:30 PM All classes are open to all levels.



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